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High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine 120-150 pcs/min
High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine
Product Details
SCM-601 middle-speed paper cup forming machine is made for over 10 years of experience accumulation in research, development and production of vertical middle-speed paper cup machines, and a fruit of modernized scientific analysis. More scientific and reasonable transmission mechanism, excellent cam design, constitutes more efficient and stable new-type paper cup forming equipment.
Technical Specifications
Product specifications:3oz-16oz
Raw material:PE/Double PE/PLA coated cup paper、aluminum foil paper
Thickness:210-340g/m² 0.27mm-0.44mm
Production Speed:120-150 pcs/min
Rated Power:23KW
Actual power consumption:20KW
Gas consumption:0.4m³/min
Minimum pressure:0.6mpa
Equipment size:2700mmX1800mmX1800mm

Downloadable Materials